Checkout Time - 12/14/2014

Since the car has no exhaust and that needs to be dealt with, it's time to investigate what else is going on under the hood.

Carb seems to be ok. EGR valve is slightly open and the vacuum lines to it are disconnected and open. Vacuum pull-off is new.

7043262 carb decodes to a '73 455 automatic carb. Factory carb code, looks like it's been worked on too. Should call Cliff and get the parts to do this one right. I hooked up the heater valve while I was back here too.

Kind of a mess. The plug wires on 3 cylinders aren't even fully seated! I fixed that pretty quickly.

No complete affront to humanity, but definitely needs some attention and has been monkeyed with. On the exhaust front, I went to install a new bolt and found that, SURPRISE, the bolt didn't fall out but the downpipe actually broke free of the manifold. It fell right out because the entire exhaust is pulling back on it, it's in tension. Even if I can get it all welded back together it will still likely fail again. So I really need to do it right and get a new downpipe installed.

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Last updated December 14th, 2014