Lower Radiator Hose Replacement - 02/29/2016

After all of this work done recently, the one thing I neglected to do was replace the lower radiator hose. I had a new one, just hadn't gotten around to putting it on. Don't ask why, laziness and stupidity are all top answers. Unfortunately out for a Sunday drive resulted in a burst lower radiator hose. At the mall. At least it didn't happen in California where I would get the police called on me for creating a situation requiring the hazardous waste disposal team to come clean it up...

I first noticed the anti-freeze dripping out from under the car. Popped the hood and it's spraying hot coolant EVERYWHERE. At first I thought my overflow was leaking and I thought "aww, I'm going to have to call Ted or Zack and buy another one" until I realized it wasn't spraying down but spraying UP from down below. Then I saw it...

Yeah, it's leaking out from down here. Basically it is draining the entire radiator and block down from here.

In a show of moronic stupidity, you can see I left the rusty old worm clamp on the old hose. This will be remedied.

Leaking section is very small, almost like road debris hit it and the rubber failed.

New molded hose ready to go on. Note that it says "Made in USA" on it. It's a Gates part and was cheaper than the AC Delco and no-name brand.

Even has the anti-collapse spring in it.

New hose is installed, new clamps are put on it as well.

Everyone's favorite part is filling up the radiator and making sure it doesn't leak! New hoses and fittings either won't leak or won't require much to tighten them down to prevent leaks. Took 3 gallons to fill it up: 2 gallons of distilled water and 1 gallon of anti-freeze (which is now up to $17/gal if you can believe that).

For want of a $12 part, I was stranded in the mall parking lot. Guess I showed myself eh? Time to replace hose: 10 minutes. Total time to be ready and back on the road to drive: 20 minutes. It was just too convenient to do when it was in the garage I guess.

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Last updated February 29th, 2016