The First Inspection - 12/07/2014

Found this car on the local craigslist. It had been for sale for a while but I figured why not go see it? Especially since I can't get quarters to fix my '74 and that may end up being a parted out car as a result. I drove 200 miles each way to look at this guy. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Mildew under the seat and damp carpet. Someone either left the window down or it leaks from somewhere! The seller seemed annoyed when I asked about it...

The one thing that annoyed me was the engine was fully warmed up when I got here. Makes me wonder if there's something being hidden or someone sucks at tuning. Not sure of the former but the latter is definitely the case as remains to be seen. Car drove fine but had some popping through the carb when trying to accelerate like the primary to secondary transition is no good or problematic.

Now all that remains is to think long and hard about it and then decide how to logistically make it happen!

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Last updated December 10th, 2014