First Real Photos - 12/09/2014

I wanted to get some photos as the car sits after having just come home. Need daylight and good quality camera, so I got it!

I like that it fits here. I can easily work on it from here.

Audrey can back out too.

Room to spare!

Still looks pretty good. No evidence of water after the rains today.

Tailgate still works. Water damage is old and not fresh.

Headliner looking good!

Seats looking good too.

Interesting to see how the different pieces of vinyl faded differently...

Gauges with odometer reference: 87352.6 after getting it home 204 miles.

VIN tag not being rusty means the windshield doesn't leak or hasn't over its life.

The engine...

No leaky crossover, bonus. Haphazard vacuum lines are everywhere meaning it probably is super lean and has vacuum leaks like crazy.

Everything is all hooked up on the driver's side except vacuum lines...

The exhaust has its bolts in it... which means the exhaust downpipe and manifold pipe have separated. VERY poor workmanship to have allowed this. I'm tempted to just buy a welder and fix it myself as I can easily see it failing again by a shop flunky who doesn't care and just wants his $200 for 5 minutes of work. It makes me furious just to think about it honestly.

I think I know what I have to do next... Carb and ignition checkout but first I have to quiet down the shotgun blast loud exhaust!

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Last updated December 10th, 2014