The Trip Home - 12/07/2014

So I decided to pull the trigger on this guy. That meant I had to pay for it, get the title, and get it home. Since the car was 200 miles away that would involve either trailering it or driving it. I chose the latter in my opinion wisely... that remains to be seen if it truly was or not!

Ready to go! Living on the edge! What life's all about!

And home safely in the driveway 5 hours later...

Not exactly the trip from hell, but it could have been. The seller misplaced his phone on vibrate, so we were stuck waiting for 2 hours for him to remember it. That was fun. Then once the paperwork was done it was time to drive. It started just fine but couldn't get out of its own way until it warmed up considerably. Apparently the choke was misadjusted. LOTS of popping and hesitating and dying. That was fun too. Then about 50 miles into the trip the driver's side exhaust fell off. It got super loud. And also no left turn signal. That was SO much fun. I finally made it home with earplugs in and doing 65-70MPH with Audrey following me making sure I didn't have a meltdown.

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Last updated December 10th, 2014