Valve Cover Replacement - 07/15/2017

Valve covers are notorious for leaking on Pontiacs... so 45 year old gaskets are even worse! Time to change this set on the passenger side (I did the driver's side when I swapped the engine but was lazy) and fix the drip-drip-drip on the exhaust manifolds...

Let's begin at the beginning! Since I don't want to remove the functioning AC compressor with a full load of R12, I'll have to get creative and take things off to let the compressor slide back further than normal.

See? Easy! Note the rear support bracket is still attached and just removed from the intake... The valve cover bolts weren't even finger tight.

44 years of grease and grime sure make it look ugly.

Oil drippers. I was under the impression they came out later in the 70's than 1973, but I don't claim to be an expert. The original gasket was a thick rubber piece, no cork... and hard as a rock.

All degreased and cleaned up, ready for new gaskets.

Hardware is cleaned up and de-greased, revealing the factory paint color. I do these things while waiting for the Permatex gasket maker to tack up on the valve cover with the new gasket in place.

Valve cover on and hardware finger tightened to start. Old factory breather grommet was removed and a new one will be installed in its place.

"Doctor told me to stay away from me work mon!" is always in my head every time I use lots of u-joints and extensions to tighten things down. Courtesy of Steve...

And it's all done! New breather grommet sure was nice and tight.

Nice to have a quick and "easy" job after the massive job that has been the front suspension rebuild.

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Last updated July 15th, 2017