Transportation - Part 1 - 09/24/2013

I'll be heading down to pick up the wagon in another week. I asked Steve if we could get the 400 out of my old Trans Am so he could get around to making money on the leftovers (subframe and rear end!) and I could put the 400 in my new project. He said he figured we could do that! Little did I know he would get started ahead of time and do such a fabulous job on it!

Eric helped getting the 400 out of the car. Since none of the hoses or anything were new, lots of easy snipping to get everything out quickly.

Taking out frustrations! With an axe!

A very proud Steve demonstrating that, yes, a 400 and TH350 will come out of a 2nd generation F-body bolted together without breaking anything.

Lots of muscle power required, my hero!

Doesn't look too bad for spending 5 years in a ratty car with a hole in the hood. And 2 of those years were stored on a farm or at Steve's place with minimal driving. Don't ask why there's a Fram oil filter on it...

All plugged up so it won't leak! Transmission was one of the last built by Walt-Bilt in 2009 before they closed their doors in June.

6X-4 heads and lots of surface rust due to water pooling on the intake due to a leaky shaker.

Hey! It fits!

Sheet of plywood and a homemade engine transportation stand. Steve says I can keep it!

Eric demonstrating how much room the back seat area has and also how much sag we get on the rear suspension. Pepper tree has made a total mess of the back already!

It fits with room to spare! Steve will secure the plug so it doesn't come flying out along with all the ATF - not that THAT wouldn't be fun at 75MPH on I-5...

Sags a bit. Shocks are vintage 1983 Sears-Roebuck & Company shocks. Probably ought to replace them...

...which is exactly what Steve did! He obtained a set of helper shocks for a B-body that help the leaf springs out. Keeps the butt from sagging too low. New shiny dual exhaust photos too!

True dual exhaust wasn't available on this body style ever, but a creative shop can make that happen.

One side runs along the back of the clamshell area and over to the other pipe.

Much shinier and nicer than the older stuff.

Rear end sits up almost 4-5" higher than it did before. This with 900lbs in the back.

A little more strapping down and I'll bet this car will handle the load just fine. It will be interesting getting the engine combo back out, but I'm confident I should be able to do it. Just need to scooch it over to the tailgate, then lift it out just enough to clear the bumper and it should come out (just like it went in). I obviously don't plan on transporting engines regularly, but it will be nice to have the option. The old Suburban didn't exactly do engines great either due to the rear AC being a pain to manuever around. Major thanks to Steve and Eric for getting the 400 out and into the car!

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Last updated September 24th, 2013