Brakes - Part 2 - 01/26/2008

Now for the conclusion of the brake saga. Amazing how one mismatched part can kill momentum for a project for an entire year. Having the 455 go out in the Lemans and needing a new engine didn't help matters much (only ONE project car at a time is the way to go!).

Old rotor. It works... but I wouldn't trust it to stop me at 70MPH on the highway.

Gotta have the right tools. Anti-seize and grease are probably the 2 most important and overlooked pieces of the puzzle.

Old brake hose is removed (cheap part, cheap insurance)

Old caliper. Not too pretty.

Old rotor almost ready for removal.

At least they used grease.

New rotor is installed. All parts fit and it goes quite smoothly.

New hose is installed and connected.

New caliper and pads are installed and connected.

Just need to bleed the brakes.

There was a TON of air in the system. The old fluid looked like black coffee coming out. It all works nicely once it was done though. Amazing how $300 worth of parts can make a difference, and even more amazing is how Midas will charge you $900-1000 for this work. Now, on to the engine and transmission now that the brakes are in good working order!

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Last updated January 29th, 2008