Death Of A Camaro - 11/18/2006

The free Camaro had not been granted a stay of execution. It was scheduled to die one weekend, but work and real life got in the way of schedules, so the car had to be postponed. But today was the day it needed to finally die. Dana was getting impatient.

bitchin' Camaro! bitchin' Camaro!

Car is prepped and ready to go. A sawzall made quick work of the exhaust and a few bolts were undone here and there. We really didn't care.

Factory mounting holts for the chain were still present, very nice.

This is pulling a motor in style!

Look at it go!

It's free! This motor smokes pretty bad and the transmission was slipping a bit. No worries, I'm sure it will wind up in some redneck's truck in the next month or two.

Kinda forgot to plug that tail shaft hole...

Kitty litter rules.

Run that motor down to the barn!

This is one little unpleasant job out of the way. I have lots of spare parts for the Trans Am and what I can't use will go on for sale or trade for Firebird parts.

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Last updated November 18th, 2006