Fixing & Tinting - 09/04/2011

Now that the dash is back together, I need to fix the guages & put the glove box back in. Then clean up the mess I've made!

Added heavy grounding due to continuity issues. Cleaned up all the lines & replaced all the bulbs. Hopefully it will be bright enough to read the gauges at night now...

Hole where the cluster goes. I like how nice the steering wheel is... can't get enough of saying that ;-) It's almost too nice for a car this crappy.

Clusters all assembled and hooked back up, testing reveals things seem to be working...

Dash is fully assembled and put back together.

Finished putting the door back together. This is the one that someone really monkeyed with and it was in pieces when I got it. Just need 2 heavy duty sheet metal screws to mount the door pull and it's done (Home Depot here I come!)

I have to tackle this. The back window was tinted thick and the years have not been kind, so it hazed over something awful. A razor blade takes care of most of it, this job absolutely is terrible. I hate cars with tint on them.

Time to vacuum out the mess! Bring the car to the garage all prim and proper like.

Much cleaner now! Seat can go back in! That black extra padding under the seat I've been told is there because this is a first-year catalytic converter car and the cat sits right underneath the passenger seat, so they added that pad to keep heat off the passenger side. I've got a guy sending me a shifter knob to cover up that ugly metal stick. I'm a sucker for things like that being complete on my cars.

I tuned the carb to smooth the idle out a bit. The idle screws are 3.5 turns out (yikes) and the throttle screw is barely out at idle. It doesn't surge anywhere near as bad as it did either. Idles right around 700-750RPM in gear and 900 or so when in park. Not too horrible. Took it for a drive around the neighborhood and it doesn't hesitate between the idle & primary circuit transition. So far the list of things to do keeps getting tackled. Wipers, temperature adjustment cable, and alignment are the 3 major things left to do before I can regularly drive this thing anywhere around town.

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Last updated September 4th, 2011