Gas Tank - 07/10/2010

Ever since starting it up, the gas gauge hasn't worked. The wiring checks out external to the car... so it's time to pull the tank...

Need to fix the leaking transmission cooler line. The fitting was pretty well rotten, so a new one was spliced in (correctly, not with rubber).

New fitting installed!

One set of lines for the tank comes off one side...

Another set on the other side...

Tank out!

The intake line is really long.

I mean REALLY long! Notice the vent tube is completely separate from the rest of the sender too...

Vents on each end too. 1972 is very similar.

Sender wiring is not too bad.

Beautiful trunk floors!

Sender in good shape, except for the wire in the tank itself. Corroded.

I can see why it's not reproduced. Imagine shipping this thing!

Yay! The gauge works again!

One job down, a few little ones to go...

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Last updated July 10th, 2010