Rear Brake Hose And The Mystery Rotor - 12/10/2006

Well, after buying the correct parts for the front brakes, it was time to get them installed. Two new rotors and new pads. Also it was time to change out that rear brake hose since it was looking a little worn.

Old hose still installed.

Removing all of the bolts from the differential cover.

Factory metal trap still installed. Lots of junk in it, removed a ton of grease.

Grandma gears!

A 2.56 limited slip rear end. Not worn at all. Nice... I guess.

All shiny new Chinese imported special!

New hose is installed and ready to go.

Having this tag is important for points!

Differential is done with limited slip additive and 90W gear oil (when it's freezing, it takes FOREVER to get this stuff inside). I saved the original metal tag indicating it is a posi...

Not scrap!

The exhaust manifolds for the car! Of course the sawzall is much easier than dealing with bolts so sayeth the drunken rednecks...

Caliper comes loose easily. No problems so far...

Driver's side rotor is exposed and ready for removal...

...but then something goes horribly wrong! NONE of the parts I have will bolt up! The bearing is too small to fit over the spindle and the rotor is too small to mesh with the bearing! I am completely stumped and spend a few hours running back and forth to the parts store with Steve buying correct bearings and parts for a '75 Trans Am...

One of these is not like the other...

The one on the left is a brand new one for this car. The one on the right is the one that came off of the car.

I'm a special snowflake and different!

Driver's side spindle. Looks awfully small... the upper control arm also says "Camaro" on it in grease pen...

I'm factory!

The passenger spindle is normal.

Damn car. Turns out I have a '79-'81 spindle setup on the driver's side and a factory '70-'78 setup on the passenger side. So now I need to either mix and match parts for the rest of the vehicle's life (hell no) or fix it. NO ONE has a spindle they are willing to sell, so it is a good thing Dana gave me that '78 Camaro. It has the proper spindle setup. It will be gutted and transferred over to the Firebird while the existing spindle will wind up on the Camaro (and maybe passed off to some other poor sap? Who knows).

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Last updated December 10th, 2006