The New Engine - Part 5 - 04/28/2009

Making hay while there is sun! The transmission was finished to the tune of nothing overly wrong. The shifter arm was severely bent inside the transmission, which was why it overshot the shift position and hit the lockout. A new shifter arm was installed and the transmission was ready to go. Walt-Bilt is still a class act, they said to bring it in once the car was running if there were any issues and they would work them out. Now that the transmission is done, time to finish the engine!

Use a big drill to prime this engine!

This is what we like to see - 60psi.

All of the pushrods are oiling via the lifters and rocker arms as they should.

Same for the other side!

Clearancing the water pump. New divider plate and a cast impeller.

Water pump is installed after clearancing and new water pump tube seals installed.

Intake and valley pan are installed.

Valve covers are installed as are the head plugs and water nipple return.

I was given this HEI about 4 years ago and never had a need for it. The weights and springs in it are extremely lazy.

New weights fully advanced.

New weights fully retracted. No numbers on these weights, the same as the ones on the Bonneville. Probably will be a little sluggish and lazy for the engine, but we don't have a good selection of weights to choose from right now so I won't complain. I'll work on it later. The center plate had no numbers on it either, so it's likely a mass rebuilder or "recurve kit" piece.

New rotor installed!

Button and spring installed under coil.

Distributor ready to go.

Carb installed and engine ready for break-in stand.

Fuel line and alternator bracket installed. Essentially the next step is to get the engine on a stand and break it in!

Very exciting times. Pretty close to being done with this engine. Trying to break it in with as many components for it as possible installed to minimize issues that may creep up.

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Last updated April 28th, 2009