The New Engine - Part 10 - 05/31/2009

Engine is in the car, and it runs. Now we need to bleed the brakes and make sure they are adjusted before we set out on the open road. A new set of road-worthy tires would probably not hurt either.

The block bracket to the compressor changed between 1972 and 1975, so I had to obtain this bracket from Ecology to get the compressor to fit. I also obtained a fuel tank vent cannister as well. The water pump pulley is now nice and ugly because the one that was nice and painted was 1/4" too short and this one had to substitute for it. A massive vacuum leak on the power brake manifold tubes was found and plugged and the car idled much smoother than ever before.

All the pictures I can find show this device stuffed in here out of the way, so in it goes! Much roomier and cleaner now.

Lots of wires run down the tube to the starter and to the alternator. That pepper tree is ridiculous. Battery tray is wasted and a new one has been ordered.

When bleeding the brakes, it was determined that the fluid was too nasty to waste time and effort bleeding, and to just take off the master cylinder and clean it thoroughly. Someone used their favorite pair of pliers on the lines, but luckily they weren't too badly rounded.

Brake setup still isn't too bad after sitting here for several years without any attention.

White-wall 14" Ralley II wheels are installed. It's... very cute.

And a matching set for the front. Yay.

Since I have no air cleaner, this is our ghetto solution to at least drive it around and tune it.

Prior to the maiden voyage, it is backed out and everything checked.

After we return from the maiden voyage, the lack of an overflow tank becomes obvious, as does a failed thermostat.

The test went... okay. The car runs and drives decently, but the tires were like square blocks for the longest time. Old tires. Also one tire had loose lugnuts so we had to stop and get someone to use their impact gun on it to tighten them up. Stupid idiot mistakes. Need a radiator cap, wipers, overflow tank, and to fix the tank sending unit. The tank has to be dropped for that sadly.

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Last updated May 31st, 2009