1978 Pontiac Bonneville - The Ad... - 2008-04-10

Opened up craigslist trolling for scrap and found this. It had been advertised for $1100... $900...? $600...!? $300!!!?? so I knew it was needing to go. I called up Steve and we rolled out there on Sunday afternoon to a decent neighborhood in San Diego (shock! A cheap car in a decent neighborhood! I thought I would have at least had to go down to Barrio Logan for one of those deals). The ad said it ran good, needed front end work and not much else.

Rolled up and checked it out. It had a Pontiac 400 4bbl, cleanish full oil, AC, cruise, power windows, power locks, power antenna, ralley gauges, and AM\FM stereo 8-track player with CB. The body was old, but not wasted and not with the cheap GM 80's paint that washed off. The front end was hit, but it only took out the hood, fender, and headlight (missed the bumper entirely). I called the guy up and told him I wanted to drive it and to bring the paperwork with him. He showed up, I drove it. Brakes stunk, AC was ice cold, radio completely worked, and transmission shifted. It didn't run great or even good, but it did run. Expired tags because it wouldn't pass smog (naturally). I ignored the guy's stories since I didn't feel he cared much, but when I got back from the test drive I bought it then and there. Hey, a running 400 Pontiac is worth that even without a fully loaded car attached. I drove it back to Steve's and it was burning Steve's eyes it was running so rich. Well, going to need some work. It's a completely unmolested car, which is great. And it's a 4 door and not all ratty (dirty, but not ratty). It came with a ton of shoes and junk in the trunk, so it will be fun to dig it all out and categorize it. I have a feeling this will be better than any naked men pen found in Bluebird.

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Last updated April 10th, 2008