1978 Pontiac Bonneville - Parts - Part 3 - 2008-04-27

Let's get this over with before it gets too hot. It's already 75F at 8:30AM on Sunday...

Just need to install the headlights, grill, and shrouds.

Driver's headlight and radiator shrouds installed.

Two headlights!

Grill goes back on. 1979 is different from 1978, the grill bolts are all out front in 1979 and in 1978 half are behind the headlight buckets. So you need the complete 1979 front end to do this swap.

Headlights! 3 of 4 work, not bad for junkyard headlights. The 3 that do work are original GM Glide parts...

The hood even closes with some finessing. No need to remove it and beat it out.

It's done! A test ride showed no squeaks or squawks and no binding of wheels. AC still works too!

Finally finished. Body guys charge alot of money for a reason. I probably have 20 hours into this front end and it isn't even 100% straight. I am glad I don't have to do this again for a while. Next is fluid changes...

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Last updated April 27th, 2008