First Pictures - 09/13/2017

So the kiddo says she wants a Cadillac... what do I do? Find a Cadillac.

The photo from the ad. I was suspicious based on a single photo, but that's just my nature. I contacted the guy and he was probably more paranoid than me, which made for interesting conversation trying to arrange to see this car.

In the end I did make it out to see the car. In an older neighborhood in northwest Knoxville. Front end shot.

It's an engine. Olds 307. Doesn't run. Rather... runs poorly. As in "has a knock" poorly.

Side looks ok, no dents or dings.

Back side of the car. Filler panels are completely trashed and missing. Fortunately they're reproduced in fiberglass... runs about $600 for all of the pieces on this car.

Car butt!

No dents or dings over here either.

Cruise around like a gangsta from 1995 with a cellular phone antenna built into your car. I remember SO many of Cadillacs in this era had this antenna put in them.

Interior isn't trashed, which is always a bonus in my experience.

Back seat isn't bad either, seat back pockets a little saggy.

Speaking of saggy, GM headliner ladies and gentlemen!

GM was nice enough to list the RPO codes for all of their cars in this era on the glovebox.

So I made the guy fire up the car with jumper cables to verify it at least fired up. Engine did finally fire... it squealed like mad and made an awful racket. I put it in gear and ran it up and down his driveway and the transmission shifted fine and the engine wasn't actually knocking. I looked at the belts and noticed that belts aren't aligned properly. HMMM... an easy fix usually.

A deal was struck for a princely sum well under $1000. I called a tow truck and after much annoyance and scheduling conflicts, it arrived. On a flatbed like I requested.

...and off she goes!

Once the car moved I found a free washer.

Time to investigate and get it running...

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