Tilt Column Tighten - 04/21/2018

In yet another typical GM problem, the tilt column is super sloppy on this car. Almost dangerous. Most people hate this job and say "change the column" which is incredibly stupid since it's not that hard of a job to take a Saginaw column apart.

Getting the wheel off. This is the telescoping feature the car has. It's pretty neat. The knob is just an interference fit on the shaft to keep spring tension held.

The telescoping column has a different locking plate setup too.

Other than the lock plate and rubber shims\springs, same as any other column. Entire ignition lock mechanism has to be removed.

Here's the screws. All were wobbly and tightened up without issue.

And it's all back together. The plastic piece on the lock plate shattered into 4 pieces which was super annoying. I put it all back on very carefully and the spring holds it all together. If it wasn't there the horn would sound continuously. I should get a few news ones just in case... except they're discontinued (thanks GM!).

Tilts like new now. Safe to drive again. Key buzzer even still works. Most of the time.

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Last updated August 23rd, 2018