The Fixing of a Hose - 04/07/2018

Driving down the road one evening and parked. Started playing with the radio and suddenly the engine gushes green steam everywhere. OH NOES! It was dark, so I shut it off and went inside to cry. The next day I came back and found...

Need to find out what happened...

Oops. The hose got eaten by the fan. GM used a special molded hose that apparently you can't get anymore.

Better than nothing.

Filling it up!

And we're good. Radiator clamp and piece of cut up old radiator used to hold up hose to prevent another accidental case of the munchies from the fan...

Of course as soon as I finished this I saw a molded factory hose in the trunk. Oh well... (I say that a lot lately)

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Last updated August 23rd, 2018