August 12, 2001 - The Journey Begins

Once I picked it up I was disappointed to find out that most of the interior was gutted.  Not just the seats and door panels as I was told, but everything special edition related on the car minus the steering wheel and instrument panel.  No seats, no power switches, etc.  The body is solid, the engine is complete and supposedly starts.  The car sat for 10 years (last licensed in 1992) and the brakes will eventually stop the car once the pedal is 2/3 the way to the floor so it isn't in driver shape yet.

The car was covered in nasty filth when I received it (probably from the auto transporter) so that is why the glass looks foggy.

The dent you see in the front of the nose is from where my friend who helped me pick it up slipped and smashed it in.  That is priority #1 at the moment.

As seen above, the interior looks bad.  I will begin assessment soon to see how much of it needs to be replaced (well, everything obviously).  The keys to the car don't fit the t-top locks so they don't come off right now, which is rather annoying because whoever put them on last didn't put the driver side glass in well so it flaps up and down by hand.

The engine compartment is dirty, but complete.  The engine came without a battery, but is said to start of its own power although running places is not easy as the fuel lines are supposedly gummed up so bad fuel can't get from the tank to the carburetor.  The nasty film on this car will have to come off with a hose and scrubbing.  That is not for today though as I am tired from having to run get the beast and will have to continue work later.

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