August 13, 2001 - What do we have here.

The quest to fire up the engine and maybe even have it run up and down the driveway begins here and now.

As you can see above the carburetor and intake are pretty badly rusted.  There are about 8 different hoses running away from the carburetor that are so badly rotted they will need to be replaced.  The accelerator pedal linkage wasn't even connected so I now know why the seller said the pedal didn't pull fuel.  It is obvious the carburetor hasn't seen gasoline in a long time as it was very dry and smells of rusty water.

I hate smog equipment.  I believe this is a smog pump for the car.  It is going to go bye-bye soon.  The compressor clutch bearings are still good as after a little force the compressor spins freely without any resistance.

All of this is just the kicker compared to what myself and a friend found out.

Yep ladies and gentlemen you are seeing that right.  That is the wiring to the starter from the positive battery cable.  It screams garage hack job as the wires have all been cut and underneath all that electrical tape was a molten fuse of plastic and metal.  Kind of hard to start a car when the wiring is all fused together isn't it?

I am thinking more and more that this engine is just going to have to go.  It is a nasty mess and to top it off it is a smog engine.  The car's body has no bad rust on it whatsoever and the floor panels and trunk are even still clean and shiny in places.  The passenger floorboard has a little surface rust but daylight is nowhere to be seen from either side.

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