August 31, 2001 - Drainage and Removal

I decided to pull one set of the valve covers to see how my valves looked on the car (just in case you know?).  I had to remove a cooling hose and the nasty brown junk I found was something awful.

In an ongoing effort to see what is up with said car, I decided to drain the radiator and see what the condition of the coolant was.

Yuck.  Brown junk with the texture of 1% milk.  Smelled really really really bad too.

After an hour of fighting with the bolts, I finally got the valve covers off.

Nice and black.  Not rusty (always a good thing on this car).  I had to remove a set of plumbing from the heads.  I assume this is smog equipment.

If it is smog equipment then it probably doesn't need to stay on the car.

The condition of the spark plugs was a little less than joyful as after removing the spark plug wire, the plug just fell apart.  Nice and black with a really strong fuel smell.  New plug time!

The List

1. Carburetor rebuild kit

2.  Tubes and stuff.

3.  Spark plugs.

4.  Coolant and stuff.

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