November 10th, 2001 - Taking Care of Business

Now that we are running, it is time to take care of a little cleaning around the garage.

The best part about it being outside is that I didn't have to push it out there.  It ran all by its little lonesome self.

Garage is getting a little dirty.

After that is cleaned up a bit, I put the remaining interior pieces in.  It almost looks normal now.

Yeah they are Camaro door panels.  Bite me.  They were free.

Current To-Do list.

  1. Belts (replace and tension properly since they squeal badly)

  2. Replace turn signal (it's busted something awful)

  3. Replace hazard flasher (it no worky either)

  4. 4 new tires

  5. Unlock t-tops (locksmith house call probably)

  6. Find the last remaining seat belt bolts (gotta mount them somehow).

  7. Cover seats (cheaply will suffice)

  8. Power Window switch wiring (crossing wires to roll them up and down is no fun)

  9. Order door handle from Ames and install

  10. Get striker bolt on driver door fixed (that or get t-top keys so that I can Dukes of Hazard it)

  11. Power door lock wiring and actuators

  12. Fix oil and temperature gauges (gauges are busted)

  13. Carpet?

  14. AC blower controls (no activity whatsoever)

  15. Fix glove box (some idiot broke the plastic the latch mounts to to get into it)

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