November 12, 2001 - SMOKE! (where's the fire?)

Today Alan and I decided to go for a spin.  Took the car out around the block about 3-4 times.  Maybe 10-15 minutes worth of driving.  Steering box is loose as all get out and top speed is around 45-50 MPH (floor pedal and the thing didn't take off at all, didn't even try to).  Brakes aren't too bad, but they need to be looked at.

Pull into driveway, car dies (figures).  Made it to the house with no problems though.  See smoke coming through shaker.  Hmm, Alan runs off to fetch the fire extinguisher while Ben decides to pop the hood and see what we have here.

Well now isn't that lovely.  Coming from the upper hot air shroud and both smog pump outlets.  Nice.  Well let's fire this thing up and put it in the garage.  Whoa!  Check out all that smoke!  "Token" is an appropriate description for the clouds.  A cop driving by right now would lead to us being strip searched for illegal drugs.

Our neighbors love us.

To make matters even better, I ran over a nail on the one good tire I had and it was hissing as we drove it into the garage.  Sigh.  New tires here we come.

The Million Dollar Question (TM) is... how fixable?  Pull motor and replace with better?  Rebuild current one (pleasesaynopleasesayno)?  Fluke?  Bury head in sand and hope it goes away?  All these and more on the next episode of How The Engine Turns...

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