December 06, 2001 - Let's Get That Engine

Today is the day we get the engine out of the Grandville.  Bringing along a friend to help is almost a requirement.  So is a really strong breaker bar.

Moving to roomier quarters for both cars is a necessity in this case.  Monty's place in fact, who was very gracious to provide us the space to store the cars.  Monty recommended pulling off the entire front end in one piece to save time make it neater.  Of course the front end weighs an easy 350 pounds, but two guys should be able to handle it.

There are 4 major places in the body to remove bolts from to separate the fenders from the rest of the car.  You also need to remove the radiator support.

Might want to save these bolts as they are important.

Once these are removed you need to then remove the bumper from the front.  Say what you want about these old boats, but there is enough steel in the front end of this car to protect you and destroy any plastic car of the day.

Be careful removing the frame bolts from the bumper.  They are extremely difficult to remove, as evidenced by Alan catching air (and yes he did have to pose for a minute for that picture).  The bolts are strong (did I say that already?).

Now remove the transmission cooler lines and the radiator hoses so you can remove the radiator.  Then lift up and pull the front end off.

Be careful as if the headlight and turn signal wiring harness catches on something it will pull it right out of the fuse block (ask me how we know that).  Yes that entire front end took about 5 hours to pull off, mainly due to our fighting with the frame bolts at the bumper.

Now you have an easy access engine point.

Next time... we get the engine out!  And we go buy a set of motor mounts for a 1979 Pontiac 400 motor (same size as the 455, and the Olds brackets don't work for it).

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