April 17, 2002 - Been a while...

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it's been about 4 months since I updated the site last.  Ran into title trouble with the Bandit, so we must bid a fond farewell to our black on black blown head gasket friend.

It would ride off into the sunset (pictured above of course) but it does have two flat tires and that blown head gasket so it will just have to settle for the image of it riding into the sunset.  Imagine that the wheels are spinning...

Anyone need parts?  I have a 1979 Trans Am that is off to pasture and others may as well use it's useful parts.

Sniff.... We were so close.

But hey, I still have a 455 to pull!  You guys want pictures I bet...

Remove most of the stuff and hook up the chains...

Oh wait.  We need to disconnect the drive shaft first?

This was a pain and I was in a real bad mood after laying on my back for 3 hours fighting with it (never been off before) so you only get one picture of the finished product.

Much better.

Look at that thing just sitting back all content. Now we get the forklift to pull the motor.

Here it comes.  The motor sat on the ground for 4 months and there aren't any pictures of it as that was rather boring and not really necessary.  If you really want to know think "An Engine Lays On It's Side" which is like "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" except there is no working class family, this isn't the turn of the century (1900) and although there is alcohol and drinking involved in the engine removal, the book has nothing to do with an engine laying on it's side so I guess that example doesn't work does it?  I know, "An Engine Lays On It's Side - A Documentary" (I didn't think that would work either).

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