August 20, 2002 - Engine Pulling!

Monty told me I was an idiot for thinking about restoring Blue Bird.  So I am going to just drive it around for fun and let people continue to offer to buy it.  He told me to just take that perfect body of Bandit and let it ride again!  I have a built 455 for it and a good transmission, so why not?  Oh yeah, here's a long awaited picture of White Bird.

All you expected it to be right?  Surprisingly enough this is the car after having been stripped by the previous owner (he left some really good\unusual parts on it though and he doesn't get them back!).  It had a "complete" interior minus the center console and no drive train.  The t-tops came in handy in the back of my station wagon as some jerk attempted to steal them.

Back to Bandit.  Bandit rests under a tree.

Kinda sad shape.  That 403 with 2 bad rings needs to go.

A lot of work for a bad motor.  *sigh* Experience is good though.

Drain them fluids!

Remove hoses...

Drain coolant, remove heater hose, unbolt transmission cooler lines,  unbolt fan, fan shroud, remove radiator, remove wiring, remove ground strap, remove starter (with my easy disconnect wiring!), remove alternator, remove power steering pump, unbolt exhaust tube, unbolt transmission bellhousing (6 bolts using a 18" snake), unbolt torque converter (3 bolts), unbolt motor mounts (2 bolts), hook chain up, and pull away!  Came right out (picture didn't turn out clearly).

Now we install a new(er) motor and interior.  That comes up soon.

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