February 08, 2003 - Adios (for now)!

Well, due to the floor of blue bird falling out and the Bandit not really going anywhere with the title trouble it had, I decided the time had come to sell them.  I had attempted to sell Bandit and BlueBird for about 6 months now, but finally some guys came to buy the Bandit.  They were just so impressed (not) that they wanted to buy BlueBird as well to make their trip worthwhile.  I felt sorry for them since they drove 12 hours for a car that they apparently hadn't followed the link to this site about (I gave them this link over the phone and they said they had seen it).  So I sold both of them for pennies on the dollar and let them go (it was hard, but I needed to do it).

As they drive away into the sunset... err... grey?


The money from these cars is put into a savings account for my dream Trans Am (one that runs? hah, didn't see that one coming did you?).  A 1977 400/4spd car... yummy...

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Last updated  February 9th, 2003 at 10:11AM