Sites I visit frequently (I use this space in lieu of bookmarks you know)


Classical Pontiac - Best Pontiac site on the internet.  Some of the most knowledgeable frequent it.

Trans Am Country - One of the best forums for information about the Trans Am line. Join the club and support it while you are at it! My lazy butt will one day.

The Grand Am Registry - Need any info on Grand Ams? Ask here as the regulars know quite a bit.

The A-Body Site Forums - Focus on 1973-1977 GM A-bodies (Grand Am, GTO and Lemans).

Arizona Rust Free Trans Am Parts - This guy has helped me out quite a bit on parts.

Hoghead's Firebird and Trans Am Parts - Interesting commentary from parting out 2nd Generation Trans Ams.  Lots of good info too.

Pontiac Historic Services - Is it a Trans Am or just an Esprit with Trans Am add-ons?  Find out for sure.

The Pontiac Trans Am Page - Detailed information pertaining to a 1978 Trans Am and technical information. 

The Rehorn Trans Am Page- Home of Faust and the 301 Turbo Shrine

The Second Generation Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Page- Gary Lisk's page of information for each year.


Gaming - live it, love it (during the winter months of course). - Grimwell's gaming news and information. As I am on staff there I hang out alot. - Damn The Man! - RKDN's site - Commentary


Pretty Nethack with slightly more depth. Doesn't mean it can't entertain for years.

The Lurker Lounge - Best Diablo Site EVAR!

The Amazon Basin - Good community and gaming partners.

Ultima Online Emulation

It was all fun and games until some ghey RPers complained to OSI and we got Trammel. Now live your fantasy anyway! - The best emulator I have found. C# scripting, so it's easy to modify.

Everything Else

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Information Is Not Knowledge - Great googly moogly!

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