Lifter Differences

People say Chevy and Pontiac lifters interchange, some argue they can't because the diameters are different. Well, what is the real story? Good quality Pontiac lifters are becoming harder to find compared to their Chevy brethren.

Pontiac lifter diameter.

Chevrolet lifter diameter.

Same diameter for both - half a thousandth is not really enough to be considered "different."

Pontiac lifter length.

Chevrolet lifter length.

0.0045" difference in lengths. Enough to change the valvetrain geometry if not taken into account.

Now what really is different: the oil bands. The Pontiac is deeper and has 2 extra bands on it. The Chevy does not.

Are there enough differences to not allow one to use them? I can't say, but with all of the valvetrain failures people are experiencing these days I sure wouldn't trust the wrong part to the job!


Last updated August 2nd, 2007