2002 Saturn SC2 - The Daily Driver (No More)


The Shaggin' Wagon made great transportation for all of 3 months.  One day when returning from Petsmart, I noticed coolant and oil seeping from the water pump\timing cover area.  Not wanting to have another car with the engine dismantled, I decided (with a little help from Lisa) that I needed to just bite the bullet and get a new car.  My only requirements were a stick, black, power locks and windows, air conditioning, not an economy car, and two doors.  That left all of about 4 cars on the market.  Saturn is no longer making the SC2 after this year, so they had a heck of a time tracking down this car.  I got the only black on black car on the market.  The Shaggin' Wagon went for $500 (not bad considering it was leaking so much).  It was last seen heading towards Mexico to lead the hard life of a Mexican Taxi.

On September 9th 2002 I brought this new car into my life (wow!  a car that doesn't need work or look trashy!).

It's been a decent car so far.  The only thing I hate about it is the daytime running lights, but I just pulled the relay from the fuse box and that fixed that problem.  Now the right bright headlight doesn't come on.  Doh!  I'll fix that.

Oh yeah, I did fix it. Pull the fuse and jump two pins. Easy fix. Nice not to have DRLs all the time (stupid GM).

Sadly, this car's life had come to an end. It was sold on April 17th, 2005 to a guy from Redlands, CA. He seemed very happy to get this car, so I am glad I could bring some happiness to another soul's day with a car.


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