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My Cars

1973 Pontiac Grand Safari - Updated - 06/03/2017

1972 Pontiac Lemans - Updated - 04/10/2020

1968 Pontiac Catalina (Executive) Wagon - Updated - 04/28/2017

1971 Pontiac Bonneville - Updated - 06/12/2020

Tech Pages - Where we discuss things people may not know with pictures to back it up -

My Former Cars That Went To Good Homes

Rich's 1967 Pontiac Catalina Wagon

Moe's 1967 Pontiac Bonneville

Moe's 1967 Pontiac Executive Safari

Other People's Cars

Steve's east coast (somewhat) rust bucket 1970 GTO Convertible

Steve's 1970 Buick Skylark Race Car

A 1950's GMC truck with a factory Pontiac motor in it

Monty's 1967 GTO

Monty's 1967 GTO back from paint

Paul's '67 Firebird Convertible

A 301 Powered T1000

Rob's '77 Trans Am (broken down in front of our house, pre-rollover)

Rob's '77 Trans Am (broken down in front of our house, post-rollover)

Cars No Longer With Us

1969 Pontiac Lemans

1974 Pontiac Catalina Safari

1978 Pontiac Bonneville

1973 Pontiac Grand Am

1977 Pontiac Trans Am

1971 Pontiac Catalina - Fated to the scrap pile - 05/30/2013

1975 Pontiac Trans Am - Fated to the scrap pile - 06/22/2013

Pontiac Trans Am(s)

The Shaggin' Wagon' (R.I.P.)

2002 Saturn SC2 (Sold)

Bill's Parted Out '70 Grand Prix

A client of Steve's with a 4x4 Chevy truck that FINALLY got finished...

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