Gas Tank - 10/22/2005

The gas tank was finished today. The morons at the shop never bothered to call and weren't the friendliest on the phone (I am calling about my gas tank "yeah" Is it ready? "yeah" Thanks? *click*). It was only $60, but the guy who helped me didn't have a clue as no price was written down. So I probably could have gotten away with saying something smaller if I was a jerk, but I'm not so I didn't and paid my $60.

Nice and clean. Tank has been welded up and boiled out. Painted too! Should help it last. They fished a rag out of the bottom of this tank. That would have been alot of fun to try and figure out in the future on fuel delivery problems...

This sender is LONG. Almost 30" long. 90 Ohms full and 2 Ohms empty. So it works still (and quite well). Sock is not gummed up or anything.

Sender installed. New fuel line will replaced the hardened and cracked replacements (NAPA line was used at one time, at least it wasn't original...).

New muffler welded in.

New tail pipe put all in. Very nice work. Sure it isn't duals, but that's something for a future upgrade when (not if) we decide to race it out a bit more.

Grim day with the threat of rain. Took forever to get the tank back from the shop, which delayed everything else. Also I helped out with Paul's '67 Firebird Pypes Install since we couldn't do much without the tank.

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Last updated October 22nd, 2005