The End of an Era - 09/15/2013

An era has ended, my first car I ever bought by myself is now laid out to pasture.

Driven into the shop after 60 miles on its own power without missing a beat. Albeit not driving straight anymore.

In an hour all of the top end parts were stripped to allow the engine to be pulled.

Another 2 hours later and it was all over.

Deserved better. But in the end the disc brake setup and tires have already been sold for a nice price. I know the buckets and console will be as well.

Silver lining, when the yellow car was on the lift and the gas tank removed (black car had a new tank installed a few years ago), we found the build sheet on top of it, in good shape even!

No surprises at all, just nice to know. The metal dealer plate cover is the same as the car was delivered to from Fremont. Luxury edition: 350-2bbl, TH350, 2.78 rear end, AC, power windows, sport mirrors, and console.

Floor is nice and clean now that tank has been removed.

Engine compartment of the yellow car is prep'd for install and has had the evaporator box transfered 100% from the black car, for functioning AC when it is all done.

Hard to do, but sometimes one has to die so another may live...

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Last updated September 17th, 2013