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1965-1979 Pontiac Intake Gasket Differences

1970-1972 A-body rear window differences

GM Backdrive Linkage

Pontiac & Chevy lifter differences

Pontiac & Chevy V8 differences

Saginaw Steering Box - Disassembly

Saginaw Steering Box - Reseal

Saginaw Steering Box - Assembly

I've done a lot more taking apart and disassembling of cars than I anticipated. I don't know it all or even that much, but I have learned enough that I am prone to confusion and "what does that look like again?" syndrome. I have many questions, and chances are others do too, so rather than bury them in one specific car section that no one cares about or can easily find, I decided to compile various findings and documentation here. Major kudos goes to Stevie Ray for actually getting me up and and doing this page to clear up the misrepresentations that exist out there (and so I can actually remember what I've done!).

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Last updated October 16th, 2016